What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is a way in which you combine employment and training in order to gain a nationally recognised qualification. You are actually PAID TO LEARN new skills! Traineeships are usually full time but can also be part time or school based, and will provide you with knowledge and experience in your chosen career.

Earn an income while you study

A traineeship allows you to work anywhere around Australia and to get paid for learning valuable industry-specific skills.

Flexibility to structure the study to suit you

Most traineeships can be undertaken on both a full-time and part-time basis and generally range anywhere from 12 months to three years to complete.

You will come out qualified

Upon successful completion, you’ll gain a Nationally recognised qualification, recognised Australia-wide

A good mix of formal training and practical learning

You won’t just be stuck in a classroom throughout the entire period of your traineeship, as the program combines a mix of formal theoretical learning and practical training in the workplace.

Appeal to future employees

Having a qualification and experience within a particular industry makes you an appealing candidate for future positions you may apply for following your traineeship.

Traineeships provide real benefits for your business, your trainee contributes to your bottom line with practical skills and knowledge acquired through his or her training. No two businesses are the same, and that is why Traineeships have been designed to be flexible, providing nationally recognised quality training developed by industry for industry.

How have Traineeships changed?

During the past few years, a number of significant improvements have been made to the traineeship system in NSW to make training more flexible. For example, some traineeships in NSW can now be:

  • delivered completely in the workplace

  • customised to meet the needs of employers

  • established in new industries and at higher qualification levels

  • easily linked to further vocational education, training and university studies

What types of traineeships are available?

There are two categories of traineeships available:

  • New Entrant Traineeships: New employees who have been employed for less than 3 months full-time and 12 months part-time, or we can assist the organisation to find a new employee

  • School based part-time traineeships are a recent introduction and allow school students to undertake a traineeship in conjunction with their HSC studies.